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Latest Upgrades to eToroX Exchange, September 2019

eToroX Exchange is playing its part in making Xpect More a lot more than just another tagline.

The latest enhancements to the eToroX Exchange include improved scalability, and augmented speed and response time, in addition to the following new features:

Heightened Security: Pre-approved Withdrawal Addresses

You can now create your own predefined and approved address for the withdrawal of your crypto, rather than obtaining a different encrypted address from your wallet each time. Addresses need to be defined prior to withdrawal, and are specific to the cryptocurrency being withdrawn.

preapproved withdrawal addresses

Cancel All Orders

You can now see all your markets that have open orders, and cancel one, some, or all of them.

Market Ordering

You can now trade by placing market orders on eToroX Exchange, meaning you can buy or sell immediately at the best price available.

market orders

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