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eToro is building a bridge from traditional finance to the blockchain revolution with eToroX

Everyone should have easy access to global markets — to trade, invest and participate in all forms of finance on their own terms. This principle isn’t about the success of one company or one country, it’s about driving growth, innovation, and economic health worldwide. It’s about the future, and it’s been the goal of the eToro Group since its establishment in 2007.

Following this vision, the global multi-asset investment platform has gathered over 10 million users and established itself as one of the most trusted and advanced solutions for users to manage their portfolios. But there’s a major revolution on the way — in fact, it’s already begun: Blockchain technology is changing the way people do business.

Blockchain has already opened doors for many entrepreneurs who have pioneered its many applications. Cryptocurrencies and tokens are funding exciting new startups, but most importantly, an increasing number of real-world assets are being brought onto the blockchain as cryptoassets — a vast transfer of wealth that eToro co-founder and CEO Yoni Assia believes will be the largest in history.

Indeed, blockchain seems to be marching relentlessly forward, bringing with it an entirely new global financial model — one that eToro wants to lead forward with the same values and standards of quality and security that it has for traditional finance. That’s where eToroX comes in, a new digital asset subsidiary of eToro, currently heading into beta phase.

“In the future, all assets will be tokenized and we are just taking the first steps on this journey,” said Assia. “Just as eToro has opened up traditional markets for investors, we want to do the same in a tokenized world and the creation of eToroX will help us do this.”

Through the prestige and resources of its parent brand, we at eToroX are set to bring a new standard to the blockchain industry. Still, in its adolescence, blockchain has so far attracted the highly ambitious, the passionate and the incredibly intelligent, but not necessarily the most responsible. As of yet, blockchain has remained almost entirely unregulated, which has kept risk high and discouraged some from participating. But eToroX has become one of the first companies in the world to obtain a license in the industry.

Our license for distributed ledger technology from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission helps open up the trading of and investment in crypto assets to a wider audience, establishing eToro’s newest brand as the bridge between the traditional financial system and the new one while offering users the same level of excellence that eToro is known for in every area, from customer care and innovation to even more important qualities like honesty, transparency, security, and responsibility.

This vision for eToroX will manifest itself as a cryptowallet and exchange — a space for serious investors to oversee their blockchain-based assets and conduct transactions, safe in the knowledge that they are being taken care of.

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