Digital Signatures and Cryptography in Cryptocurrency

Understanding Digital Signatures and Cryptography in Cryptocurrency

The birth of cryptocurrencies has spawned a new wave of progress that connects cryptography and distributed computing. Granted, cryptocurrencies represent a polarised concept in our minds: on the one hand, they are generally regarded as highly volatile and speculative assets; on the other, they reflect a revolutionary technology that has the ability to transform existing…

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custodial services

Enabling Institutional Participation in Cryptocurrency Markets: Custodial Services

Institutional participation in cryptocurrency markets has been widely discussed over the past decade. Following the creation of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market has grown exponentially, which in turn has fuelled tremendous global interest and participation. However, the bulk of this hype is generally fuelled by retail participation rather than institutions. There are clear barriers to entry…

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Top Permissioned Blockchains for Enterprises

The scope of blockchain technology has evolved and made significant headway with time. The application of blockchain has progressed beyond cryptocurrencies to provide business solutions for enterprises. In particular, the “permissioned blockchain” has infiltrated industry-level enterprises such as IBM, JPMorgan, and GoldmanSachs. A permissioned blockchain introduces an access control layer, meaning that specific actions can…

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