Cryptoassets in 2019: What Needs to Happen for Mass Adoption?

Blockchain and cryptoassets were relatively niche concepts before 2017, but that year their popularity and value exploded, as exemplified by bitcoin’s successes. A single token of the original mainstream cryptocurrency, launched in 2009, cost $900 (£695) in January 2017. In December of that year, at the peak of the market, one bitcoin was worth $19,500 (£15,000) — a 1,850…

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Blockchain and finance in 2019

The cryptoasset industry has endured a rollercoaster ride of late: the highs of 2017 were followed by the lows of 2018. As for blockchain – the distributed ledger technology (DLT) that underpins bitcoin and all cryptos – and its transformational potential, there is still plenty of enthusiasm. Many revered commentators have hailed its potential to…

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eToro is building a bridge from traditional finance to the blockchain revolution with eToroX

Everyone should have easy access to global markets — to trade, invest and participate in all forms of finance on their own terms. This principle isn’t about the success of one company or one country, it’s about driving growth, innovation, and economic health worldwide. It’s about the future, and it’s been the goal of the eToro Group…

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